Community Outreach - Gluten Free Jio

Gluten Free Jio is a social project that seeks to increase awareness and access to information on celiac disease and gluten-free diets in India. In partnership with the municipal corporation, government schools, and community organisations, Gluten Free Jio also works with the state of Punjab to conduct interactive and educational sessions.
We are extremely committed to raising awareness of this disease, not only to better India’s understanding of what it entails, but also to increase the potential for diagnosis, so that nobody has to suffer with Celiac Disease, without knowing what it is or how to combat the symptoms. In addition to our awareness efforts, we aim to promote testing of tTG-IgA (trans tissue glutaminase) if a child has . This test helps to identify the disease to ensure early diagnosis, with the help of diagnostic facilities/centers in local areas.

In an effort to bring about a change, our mission is three-fold:

  • To create awareness by conducting information sessions using powerpoint presentations, distributing handouts on general statistics regarding celiac disease and its primary triggers and symptoms, and handing out factsheets about the condition to educate people. I have also authored an illustrated children’s book to spread awareness about the same.
  • To promote testing of tTG-IgA in children and adults suffering from symptoms of celiac disease, such as poor growth, belly pain, constipation, vomiting,diarrhea, or rashes in partnership with a local diagnostic facility to ensure early diagnosis.
  • To connect companies and healthcare providers in a network of gluten-free support resources.

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