Gluten Free Jio Refund Policy

Thank you for purchasing our Gluten Free Jio goods. When purchased directly from our website:

Cancellation/Refund of Products other than Fresh Bakery Products

If the products have been dispatched, the order cannot be cancelled or refunded. However, if the client has placed an order and it has not yet been sent, and the customer wishes to amend or cancel the order, the amount previously paid will be adjusted or reimbursed, provided Gluten Free Jio verifies that you may cancel or alter the transaction.

Cancellation of Fresh Bakery Products

Orders for fresh bakery cannot be cancelled once they have been placed and confirmed by the user making payment. In spite of cancellation, the order must be dispatched because fresh bakery orders are made specifically for one individual, have a limited shelf life, and cannot be utilised elsewhere. Additionally, fresh bakery is season-specific, so if an order is placed during a time when such products are not advised, a warning will be issued through the website prior to payment confirmation, or a representative will call you to discuss your options, which include either cancelling the order or changing it to something else that is gluten-free.

Cancellation of Fraudulent Orders

We frequently check transactions for fraudulent behaviour in order to give customers a safe and secure purchasing experience. Gluten Free Jio retains the right to revoke any existing, current, and future orders without incurring any obligation in the event that any suspicious conduct is discovered. Additionally, Gluten Free Jio maintains the right to reject or cancel orders in cases when product prices on the website are inaccurate and stock isn’t available. Before approving any order, we can additionally need more proof or information. If all or any part of your order is cancelled or if further information is needed to accept your order, we will get in touch with you.

In the event that any of the following conditions are true, the client may be regarded as fraudulent:

  1. A client with a high rate of return
  2. The customer doesn’t respond to our payment verification email
  3. Customer fails to provide sufficient documentation for the payment details check
  4. Misuse of a customer’s phone number or email
  5. The client uses an erroneous email and phone number
  6. Misuse of a discount code
  7. Using a special coupon that isn’t associated with the email address used.
  8. The customer sends back the wrong item
  9. A client declines to pay for an order
  10. Any order involves the customer in a grab-and-run manoeuvre.
  11. Address invalid or incomplete

Any orders that meet certain requirements to be considered “Bulk Orders” by Gluten Free Jio may be cancelled at any time during the product delivery process. If an order fits the following criteria and any other criteria established by Gluten Free Jio, it can be categorised as a “Bulk Order”:

  1. Ordered goods are intended for commercial resale rather than personal consumption.
  2. Depending on the product category, many orders for the same goods were placed at the same address.
  3. Orders for large quantities of the same commodity.
  4. Order information includes an invalid address.
  5. Any unethical behaviour when placing the order.

No refunds will be given for promotional vouchers used to place “Bulk Orders.”

Process for Pilferage Claim

If a customer raises a complaint for partial item/partial order through Customer Care

  1. If the consumer does not make a claim for theft within 48 hours of delivery, the claim will not be considered.
  2. The following information will be requested or provided through email:
  • A brief explanation of the case (A few inquiries will be made in order to better comprehend the situation)
  • The images of the box and additional packets (If any)
  • Aim to conceal any sides that the customer feels have been tampered with or destroyed.
  • Refunds for prepayments will be processed following an investigation, which typically takes 3–4 business days. Investigating the situation with the relevant departments will be part of the procedure.
  1. If a buyer fits any of the following descriptions, they could not be eligible for a refund:
  • The customer fails to give sufficient case details
  • The customer neglects to deliver images of the package and box (if any)
  • If a delivery was opened, a pilferage claim had to be filed immediately, and no remarks could be written on the courier company’s POD or receiving sheet.
  • Three to four days after delivery, the customer must not discard the package. We may need to pick up your packing so we can look into it.

Handling Mispricing

Despite our best efforts, a small number of the items in our catalogue may have incorrect prices. But as part of our dispatch operations, we check prices. If an item’s true cost is less than our listed price, we’ll apply the difference and send the product to you.

If a product’s true cost is greater than what we quoted, we will cancel your order and let you know.

For products ordered through our Delivery partners

The user should study the cancellation and refund policy followed by the specific delivery partner before placing an order if it has been done so through one of our delivery partners. In no way will Gluten Free Jio be held accountable or responsible for any cancellation, refund, or other policy of these delivery partners.

Contact Information

If you have any questions/concerns in regard to this policy, please send us an email at