Gluten Free Jio About Us

Our Journey

Gluten Free Jio was started in 2018  to share some personal experiences of being gluten-free and tips for leading a gluten-free lifestyle in India.Gluten Free Jio took birth from the incredible journey of Annika Dhariwal, who was diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of nine, from one product to more than 100 products, from just a brand to the most trusted brand in a decade,  She wishes to encourage and motivate other children and adults on a gluten-free diet to dream big by sharing my experience as a student at Cheltenham Ladies College, a boarding school abroad in the United Kingdom, and as someone who has visited over forty nations.

Our Vision, Mission & CSR

At Gluten Free Jio, we offer healthy alternatives to our customers’ basic need for delicious food cravings, helping to satisfy their health and taste buds simultaneously. Our team works diligently to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction. Gluten Free Jio affects all areas that matter most. Improving people’s way of life, which is our main focus, we remember at the same time to give back to nature, from which we get everything, through adopting sustainable practices. We also place a strong emphasis on gender balance in employment opportunities to make strong women even stronger.


The world’s finest gluten-free food items enrich families and improve lifestyles.


To create innovative, delicious, and nutritious gluten-free products that will wow the world while helping families create lasting memories.


Spreading awareness of the benefits of a gluten-free diet, helping people adopt a healthy lifestyle and improve their quality of life.

Core Values

The fundamental prerequisite for a robust construction is a strong foundation. Serving the trust of our clients is, therefore, our primary competency. The requirements of the client and good standards have a significant impact on the entire process, from the conception to the production of a new product. We place our consumers at the top of our priority list and strive to provide them with the healthiest cuisine possible..


Our R&D department is constantly developing new products to maintain production levels while maintaining quality standards and is working hard to create authentic, healthy, and delicious gourmet food products.


We do what’s right. We are honest, ethical, fair, and transparent in our words and actions. This is the price to join our team.

Customer Focus

We prioritize the satisfaction of our members and customers and continually strive to understand and identify their needs.


Gluten Free Jio strives to build customer trust by offering services that combine a fair investment on our part and quality results at your doorstep.