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Demystifying Celiac Disease

Like the name itself suggests, gluten free jio’s first webinar was conducted to spread awareness about what celiac disease actually is. Renowned Gastroenterlogist Dr Rajendra P Setty with over 25 years of experience in the United States and India, had an informative dialogue with Annika Dhariwal,the founder of gluten free jio. The diagnosis of celiac disease, it’s multiple symptoms,cure and scope of future research were addressed in the webinar attended by a large number of people.

Living with Celiac Disease

This webinar was with Dr Ruby Ahuja, a clinical psychologist who has been diagnosed as a celiac over a decade ago. As a celiac herself and the the mother of a celiac Dr Ahuja had some wonderful survival hacks on living a gluten free life. Her conversation with Annika Dhariwal threw light on the day to day problems faced by celiacs.