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Early Life

I was born in Rochester, New York in 2004, to Indian immigrant parents. It seems that I was a rather obese baby, whose cheeks were bursting at the seams, and enjoyed all sorts of food. Bananas, I concede may have been the exception. My dad is a first generation entrepreneur and my mom a homemaker. Our family traveled a lot between the United States and India, where my dad was establishing a new office. Airplanes and airports were home to me and I have enjoyed the whole process of travel from when I can remember. I joined the Harley school in Rochester in 2006. My favorite days were Fridays, since lunch meant pizza time. However, the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, my friends seemed to love never appealed to me. For that matter having a paratha or a chapatti was always a tug of war between my mom and me. Whenever, we would be in Chandigarh, India, I attended Strawberry Fields High School. So in my first few years of schooling, I was literally studying in two different continents, with two very diverse systems of education. In 2009, we shifted to India and made it our primary home. My parents loved traveling and would take me everywhere whether for work or pleasure. I loved school in general and made plenty of friends. My parents at the time of shifting back to India had resolved to themselves that maybe around the 7th or 8th grade, I would go to boarding school back in the United States or in the United Kingdom, to get more exposure and get a global perspective. Since I was an only child, they felt I would benefit and learn some life skills at boarding school.