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Intending to help newly diagnosed Celiac patients, I am on a mission to spread awareness on celiac in India.

To spread awareness amongst the newly diagnosed celiac patients and give them a quick taste of gluten-free products I distributed 2500+ gluten free hospital kits to newly diagnosed patients in 18+ hospitals of tricity.

Through this campaign, I am consistently encouraging the patients to talk more about Celiac disease instead of being afraid of it.

Recently, I distributed gluten free hospital kits in Sector 40, Community Centre, Dispensary, and Sector 45, Civil Hospital.

Through this initiative, I aim to provide comprehensive knowledge to all the newly diagnosed patients, and let them experience the gluten-free products.

To support the cause, many corporates and individuals are making active participation in the creation of gluten free kits and fund raised from these corporates and individual donors are over $ 40K.

I am working aggressively towards this mission to cover many clinics and hospitals across Pan India.

Gluten Free Resource Magazine

The kit includes 18-page magazine which provides an overview about Celiac to help the newly diagnosed patients to have the detailed information about the disease, effects, and treatment process etc.

The kit also includes gluten free flour, cookies, noodles etc. to give celiacs a quick taste of the gluten free products.

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Hospital Kits Distribution in Govt. Hospitals

We are grateful for your contribution

Thank you for supporting and contributing to this noble cause and making it a huge success!
With your help, we are able to educate and create awareness about celiac disease.

By raising regular funds you have shown utmost dedication and commitment to helping Gluten Free Jio achieve its target and ensure that no celiac is left untreated.

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