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Making a Gluten-Free Christmas Dinner with Sorghum as the Main Ingredient

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  • December 6, 2021
Creating A Gluten-Free Christmas Dinner with Sorghum as The Main Ingredient

There are several challenges to living with food allergies or sensitivities. Conditions that have a lot to do with your food consumption often limit your excitement about lavish holiday dinners, but the good news is, that a little menu planning can go a long way.

We have listed a few creative ways in which sorghum can be integrated into your holiday dinner menu, ensuring everyone craves for seconds.


  • Stuffed Mushrooms

If you would like a mouth-watering, savory vegetarian combination of bite-sized mushrooms with gooey cheese, this should be your top pick. The best part? One batch is enough to serve a crowd, making it a great starter for any event.

  • Popcorn Shrimp (& Grits)

If it is an upscale party or dinner that you have been planning for ages, you might want to surprise your guests with well-seasoned shrimp and cheesy grits. This perfectly portioned dish is sure to be relished by everyone!

  • Heavenly Fruit Salad

How about bringing a sweet and fruity flavor to the dinner table? This bright, colorful, and cheery-looking appetizer will lift everyone’s spirits!


  • Bourbon-Glazed Quail and Three Cheese Whole Grain Risotto

One of the best entrees to serve at any special dinner is quail. Serve it along with mixed cheese risotto, bacon, and a sorghum-bourbon glaze to watch your guests savor the richness of these flavors.

  • Strip Steak, Escargot, Braised Lettuce, and Sorghum Air Bread

Who doesn’t fancy a hearty prime rib on a Christmas dinner? This blend of steak, escargot, lettuce, and bread is definitely going to offer the same decadence and upscale feel as beef.

  • Slow Cooker Chicken and Peppers

Consider dumping the Chinese takeout this Christmas and replacing it with our delectable alternative, which can be left to cook all day in a slow cooker while you multitask.

Side Dishes

  • Potato Gratin

Any lavish meal is incomplete without a buttery, tasty dish and Potato Gratin fits this slot perfectly! Hearty potatoes dipped in sorghum flour-based creamy white sauce will surely hook everyone.

  • Sweet Potatoes

Here comes a dish that is a perfect amalgamation of sweet, savory, and spicy. Serve it along with ham or turkey and treat your taste buds!

  • Espresso, Dates, Sorghum and Lime on Roasted Carrots

This beautifully seasoned and textured vegetable dish served with flavoring tart espresso, and sweet sorghum sauce is definitely going to leave your guests spellbound.


  • Apple Gingerbread Sorghum Skillet Cake

Nothing screams Christmas like the smell of gingerbread! Let us give the skillet cake an exciting new twist by pairing it with the most sought-after classic fall taste apples.

  • Authentic Italian Tiramisu

Nothing rounds out a holiday feast the way coffee does. Here is a delicious ladyfinger recipe that perfectly integrates sorghum flour into some traditional after-dinner sweets.

  • Spiced Sorghum Cookies with Cranberry Glaze

Be it kids or adults, everyone loves sweet treats, and what can be better than cookies decorated with cranberry glaze and sprinkles! You can even let the little ones in your family assist you with these.

Liked these recipes? You might want to browse through the website for more amazing gluten-free breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas.

Do you have a great recipe you love? Go ahead and share a recipe of your own. We look forward to hearing from you!

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