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Aparna Kammari

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Gluten intolerance is REAL.

We can find gluten in most fast food or junk foods, biscuits, noodles, and many more.

I have a history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Me being a Doctor sometimes can understand how the patient feels.

I’m not only speaking about my clients but also myself.

Sometimes I used to feel constipated, loose stools, bloating, pain in stomach, headaches, acne and hair fall.

When I got to know about this condition that I’m having I eliminated gluten completely and can see the improvement in my health.

I’m not only intolerant to gluten but also lactose.

In this journey, I’ve learned to read the labels on the eatable that I buy, not just the gluten free on the front but also check the ingredients on the back.

I’ve replaced gluten with many other flours like millets, amaranth, and rice.

If I want to have that gluey nature in my recipes then I add Tapioca flour and Arrowroot powder into my recipe.

If I want to have milk then my substitute for animal milk is coconut milk.

This condition made me a kind of chef, and I’ve started making gluten-free versions and dairy-free foods. And the thing is I also give recipes to my clients.

I want to say not everyone should eliminate gluten and dairy from their diet but the one who is intolerant should do.