Devin McEvoy


I was throwing up everyday for 9 months! I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I was triggered one night while drinking with my friend and it didn’t stop. I also became severely depressed and over weight because I was single at the time and only eating easy foods like ramen bowls. At the 5 month mark of throwing up all the time I had to go to the hospital. They thought I was crazy. They assumed I was pregnant. Also, because I smoke weed they thought it was a reaction to that from over time. At the 8 month mark I finally got a family doctor. I told her my symptoms. She thought it was the weed too, but I had completely stopped and was still throwing up. She then randomly said we should try and test for “Celiac Disease”. I had no clue what that was but was a kid that just did what my doctor said. September 2021 ,after the blood results (785/10), she knew that’s what it was. I went on the GF diet not really knowing too much.

She set me up with a dietitian for a phone call and unfortunately she just told me the basics like just have everything substituted to GF like pasta.

Then I had a biopsy to confirm the damages and was diagnosed in January 2022. Then I’ve just been living life the best I can ever since .