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Kavitha Mathew

Kavitha Mathew

I became allergic to Shellfish, kiwi, eggs, peanuts, and strawberries 20 years ago.
I carry an epi-pen 24/7.

It became very challenging especially if someone eats or touches peanuts and touches me I will get a severe reaction and go into an anaphylactic attack.

I learned to live around it and not give in to the condition that was thrown upon me
I learned to embrace it rather than fighting it. It took me years to learn what triggers, why they trigger as my mother was my cheerleader and I am here today because of her research. She tirelessly with conviction taught me that I can beat it.

Celiac was not diagnosed, every top physician misdiagnosed me. They wrote it off as immunocompromised issues. I was diagnosed by a top doctor as I have arthritis.

Finally, my mother found a natural doctor in California, and when he diagnosed me.
I was celiac where I had lost my digestive enzymes and hair-like structures that digest food in the stomach. We cut out all gluten products and the arthritis pain was no longer. This is my eliminating food and not fancy doctors and hospitals that
I once sought help to find a solution.

If I ate or came across contaminated with gluten my system would collapse, extreme pain in my joints, and stomach. I was constipated and suffered to the point where sometimes I survived basically on fruits and rice which was not bad at all.

I love sponge cakes, sandwiches, and pastries, my fav but had to give them all up. It was not easy but I turned cold turkey and gave up everything.

Yes, I cheated at times and I would suffer more. But had to as it was not worth it.

There are thousands of gluten-free products in the market. I avoid it as it will create more problems.

These being byproducts have no nutritional value. I learned to live around it. Yes I still want to cheat at times but I abstain from it.

Never listen to doctors, listen to your body, eliminate food, become a self-study. Doctors are great at the same time a double edge sword. The pharma companies are all about $ making that is it Change your mindset, Believe in yourself, and find a natural or homeopathic doctor.

In India, Doctors are not still educated and they brandish to a point where they have no concern. Never believe in them unless one finds a good doctor.

Elimination is the key symptom to look out for Celiac stomach pain, pain in joints, swelling constipation and stool ( size, weight, color)

It is an ongoing battle, embrace it and learn to live around it. There are so many better foods to nourish one’s body. It does not end all if gluten is cut out. People who go on a gluten-free diet should think a million times as it leads to other issues. If one is not allergic to anything don’t eliminate it as it leads to other health issues.