We are going on almost 4 years of this rollercoaster ride with our son – 3 of those years, we went to a pediatrician Dr. appointments and, after Dr. appointments, left the office with the same answers and not getting anywhere, but our boy having more and more pain and being uncomfortable – and not able to be a kid, screaming and crying in so much pain. I’ll never forget those days holding him trying to make it stop.

Finally, I had asked to have our son sent to sick kids!

Within a week, our new gastro Dr. had called me and sent Landon for blood work & within two weeks, she called me back and said Landon has celiac disease & has to be on a strict gluten-free diet for the rest of his life and his iron is low as well.

He will be on medications for life to help him. Try to have regular bowel movements. While tears rolled down my face, I felt a huge wave hit me. However, we are very happy and thankful to have answers and can help our little babe as best as we can with this disease.

I know it will be a long road of ups and downs. Still, I’m up all hours of the night either looking up gluten-free food ideas or I’m researching celiac disease over and over again and thinking and planning ways to make life more comfortable for our son and, at the same time, how I can raise awareness and try to help others.

Landon is a superhero, no doubt about it! He is so strong through all this, even when things get rough. But, unfortunately, Landon still has tummy aches and bowel problems.

And more than usual appointments. Our journey just started, but his fight is our fight! Landon is well involved with the gluten-free world. He knows to look at! He is aware that he will become very sick if he eats gluten! We do a lot of baking together and keep trying to find the best gluten-free goodies and recipes.

Landon loves to play his Xbox and be with his family and the outdoors. He loves cars and dinosaurs. He has the biggest heart full of love and is loved back by everyone who meets him. Celiac Disease needs to be talked more about so more people can be tested for it and treated as early as possible! I hope one day they will have a cure.