Sarah & Leah

Sarah Leah

Sarah’s journey with her daughter Leah’s celiac diagnosis was a rollercoaster of uncertainty and challenges. Leah, a previously healthy 4-year-old, suddenly fell ill one night, vomiting and developing blisters on her hands and feet, along with allergy wheels on her face. Despite hoping it was just a passing sickness bug, Leah’s symptoms persisted, including an unquenchable thirst and recurring cycles of queasiness.

Initially, medical professionals attributed her symptoms to a post-viral histamine reaction, but Sarah’s maternal instinct told her otherwise. Months later, after persistent symptoms, they consulted a pediatric gastroenterologist who conducted blood tests, revealing significantly elevated TTG levels indicative of celiac disease.

Sarah experienced a wave of guilt, questioning if they should have pursued testing sooner. However, they immediately transitioned Leah to a gluten-free diet, bypassing the need for an endoscopy due to her high TTG levels. Despite the dietary change, Leah continued to struggle with discomfort, leading to further investigations for conditions like Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE).

The family’s journey included trials with dairy elimination, which proved beneficial in alleviating symptoms. Slowly but steadily, Leah’s health improved, and after 18 months, she was thriving. Reintroducing dairy posed no issues, marking a significant milestone in their battle against celiac disease.

Sarah acknowledges the complexities of the coeliac journey, emphasizing its varied manifestations and the time required for recovery. Despite the challenges, they persevered, ultimately achieving a positive outcome thanks to their determination and medical intervention.