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Shrey Pasricha

Shrey Pasricha

I was always a skinny kid, did not think much of it. But in my early 20’s, I fell sick once and never really recovered again.

I went to multiple gut “specialists”, for gut-related symptoms which seemed to get worse day by day but most of the doctors couldn’t recognize the cause and told me that I should rather go see a psychologist.

Four years later when I fell sick initially, my TTG came positive, nothing came in my endoscopy, but later when I got a gene test done it showed a disposition to celiac disease.

That was an alarming situation for me.

After that, I eliminated all gluten from my diet on a doctor’s recommendation who himself had been diagnosed with celiac.

Soon after the elimination of gluten from my diet, I was feeling much better.

As a resident of India where people are still not aware of the disease, its severity, and complexity, it’s a constant struggle to socialize or explain my condition to someone, as there is no visual representation of the disease.