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Sushmita Jha

sushmita jha

Its been a year since I had been diagnosed with celiac disease. I was a healthy girl, lived in as many cities, ate anything but never got sick due to any food.

It was 2019, August, when I started feeling sick out of nowhere. It was very difficult for me to explain to the people around me the situation I was going through because I was not able to understand what was happening to me.

There was confusion, irritation, anger. Whenever I ate something, I would rush to the bathroom and stay there for hours and hours. It was frustrating.

I tried everything, I stopped eating junk, switched to a healthy diet, even started yoga. But nothing was helping me. I was losing weight slowly. I started feeling so weak that I wanted to sleep all day. I felt irritated when someone gave me food. But I had to eat.

I met around the 5 best doctors in Delhi. But there were no answers. My all reports were normal. Some said you are stressed, some said you have IBS and some even gave me anti-depressants. I knew something was gravely wrong with me and I decided to keep visiting doctors until I got a concrete answer.

I finally visited a doc in Noida who listened to me patiently and asked me exactly what was happening to me. He asked me to go for ttg test and within a week, I was diagnosed with one of the serious autoimmune disorders called celiac disease. The doctor was glad that I was diagnosed at an early stage and I was glad that I finally got an answer about the reason for the havoc inside my body.

I was on a gluten-free diet but still felt miserable. Yes, I felt good in my stomach but still, there was something wrong with my health. People around me told me that it takes time for your stomach to heal, so just have patience. But I knew it was not the case.

I again visited my doc who diagnosed me with celiac. He again listened to me keenly and asked to go for MRI Defecography. It was found that because of celiac my pelvic floor got weak. So weak that it couldn’t function or coordinate… I worked on that too.

Right now I feel healthy and happy. Yup, it gets difficult sometimes in Indian society to deal with this disease but it hardly matters.

Always listen to your body, if there is something wrong, there is something wrong. There is always an answer to everything you are going through.