Yoko Rao | Gluten Free Jio

Yoko Rao

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2016.

Since childhood I had been battling iron deficiency anemia- my Hb was as low as 4.2.

  • No supplements were that effective on my body.
  • No doctor could identify the root cause.

Over a period of time, I got so frustrated that I stopped looking for the answers and continued living my life as is.

After a few years, I had to undergo surgery to excise the lump I had developed in my breast -which acted as a blessing in disguise.

For undergoing a surgery all your parameters need to be good and that’s when I was recommended by a good oncologist in the first appointment itself he suggested “celiac disease”.

Both blood tests were positive and the biopsy from the endoscopy test also suggested celiac.

I was so happy that finally I got to know the root cause of all my problems.

I got all my answers to why I felt so fatigued all the time, why I used to be so emotional, why I was so reactive.

It was because I was just barely surviving. Because of the malabsorption of nutrients in my body.

Because of celiac disease!

Yes in the beginning I was a bit lost but with the support of family and friends, I could sail through the initial years well.