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Gluten Free Jio Webinar on Gluten-Free Living – An American Perspective

Welcome to an exciting new webinar with our renowned guest speaker, Erin Smith, who will share her sage advice on how to live a healthy gluten-free lifestyle. First, we appreciate the efforts of our moderator, Annika Dhariwal, in her promoting a gluten-free lifestyle that most Indians aren’t aware of. Secondly, we thank our fantastic audience for taking time out of their busy schedule to mark their presence here.

Through this webinar, we aim to spread awareness about the complications related to celiac disease and how it can affect one’s quality of life. Our focus is specifically countries like India, where many people may not understand this condition, and if they do, they still won’t strictly follow the diet unless serious complications arise. Therefore, to avoid the risk, one must initiate a 100% gluten-free diet right from the start to promote a lifetime of health. This will not only help people manage signs and symptoms of a gluten-related medical condition, but also promote a healthy lifestyle, minimizing the other health risks too.

Erin Smith – The Keynote Speaker

Erin Smith, Founder of Gluten-Free Globetrotter, was just two years old when she was diagnosed with celiac disease. She has practiced a gluten-free lifestyle ever since then. In the interest of empowering all diagnosed people, Erin decided to share her life experience and published her first blog on the Gluten-Free diet in 2007. Since then, she has launched a website named “Gluten-Free Globetrotter” in 2011. Erin Smith currently lives in NYC with family and is living a 100% gluten-free happy life.

While interviewing Erin Smith, our moderator, Annika Dhariwal—Founder of Gluten Free Jio—covers a list of questions to help you understand:

  • Her take on early diagnosis of celiac disease with life experiences.
  • What made her launch a website named “Gluten-free Globetrotter”?
  • The state of Gluten-free diet in different countries
  • What do you need to look for while shopping for gluten-free products?
  • Do you rely on any kind of resources while traveling anywhere?
  • Points to keep in mind while ordering in from restaurants
  • Is there any treatment or vaccination for celiac disease?

A Note from the Moderator

Thank you for being good listeners and patiently listening to the informative yet interactive session with Erin. We hope the webinar imparts awareness regarding the Celiac disease and encourages you to practice a healthy gluten-free lifestyle. Remember, Celiac disease is harmful to those who are sensitive. So, do not ignore it and start taking it seriously. One must be careful from the beginning regarding following the right diet plan with a strict workout routine. We will be bringing more webinars to you for more knowledge and awareness. Till then, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Do you have queries or doubts related to Celiac disease? We are open to any kind of discussion or feedback around the topic and are happy to assist you at our best.

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